Accusmile® – The FORESTADENT aligner system for a beautiful smile.

Accusmile® aligners are transparent correction splints made of a translucent special plastic material.  The biggest difference to traditional braces is that the aligners are so discreet that they are hardly noticeable. What’s more, these innovative splints are very versatile when it comes to which kind of problem they can be used for. No matter whether you want to close a gap or correct crowding or rotations,  you will see results very quickly.

Accusmile®. Unobtrusive. Effective. For a beautiful smile.

Accusmile - schönes neues Lächeln

The Accusmile® advantages at a glance 

Accusmile Aligner


Accusmile®. Unobtrusive. Effective.
For a beautiful smile.

Wearing Accusmile® aligners will not disrupt your daily routine. The splints are doing their job discreetly and effectively without inhibiting either your speech or smile. They can be worn comfortably for  up to 22 hours per day  whilst causing only minimal inconvenience. The Accusmile® aligners are easily removed for cleaning, brushing your teeth, and eating. You simply reinsert them afterwards. 


Comfortable and pleasantly smooth.

The aligners are comfortable to wear because they have a pleasantly smooth surface, and no screws or wires. Another advantage is that damaged or lost aligners can be replaced in an extremely short space of time, since the 3D models created, which form the basis of creating the aligners  are available to your practitioner at all times. So they can make a replacement aligner for you at any time, with minimum effort and at a low cost.

Accusmile - Mehr Kontrolle für Ihre Praxis

3 simple steps to a beautiful smile 

The consultation

The consultation

You discuss the option of Accusmile® aligner treatment with your orthodontist. They will then either take an impression or digital scan of your teeth, on which your personal three-dimensional treatment plan will be based.

The aligners

The aligners

The Accusmile® aligners will be made specifically for your personal treatment plan and given to you by your orthodontist. We recommend that you wear them every day for 20-22 hours.

The treatment

The treatment

Your orthodontist will check your progress every 6-8 weeks and give you new aligners.